TrustUnion at Bitcoin conference, Bangkok, 2018

In this video, the TrustUnion CEO went to the international conference on Blockchain. It was held at Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand on  March 6, 2018. The Thailand meeting was the eighth of the 2018 series.

BCC comprises a conference featuring new crypto products plus latest trends and an exhibition arena.

BCC Format: presentations panel discussions and evening networking sessions

BCC-Thailand had two moderators:

  • Monika Proffitt – CEO & Founder Rise Housing for day 1.
  • Alex Linenko – CBDO ICOBox Company for day 2.

The organizer smileexpo worked with sponsors (led by DEEX.EXCHANGE) and brought onboard stakeholders from Blockchain brands featuring:

  • Distinguished Products
  • Investors seeking startups
  • Entrepreneurs targeting partners for development
  • Cal Evans (also a co-sponsor) is a Market Leading Cryptocurrency Compliance and Strategy Expert, and works for Gresham International, a Strategy and Compliance firm with a specialized focus on the Cryptosphere. He is a rare professional with a Legal-Fintech background and his opinions and works feature globally.

At the Thailand conference, Cal had the following to say to Mathias VALON (CEO) and Cyril TERNAY (CTO):

“Marcus and I learned about what is happening in the industry. Seeing the future of compliance is like. What the landscape looks like and working forward to see how we can keep the market compliant internationally and within regulatory frameworks

Cointraffic is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the Crypto-Blockchain sector. They have helped over 80 startups with their product development. As a specialized partner, Cointraffic can definitely benefit projects as it strives with the inspectional stages.

At the Thailand Conference, Paul Knotov (Cointraffic) had the following to say:

His comments are a real inspiration to both developers and investors in attendance. A project being labeled as a game changer, something special to happen in Crypto-sphere. Paul couldn’t have nailed in better words!

Key speakers and their topics:

The experts invited and present at the Thailand Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference discussed topics around: diversity of tokens, cryptocurrency status of latest market and day to day integration, supply chain advances under Blockchain.

Joseph Tsou (MD – BlockEx), an expert in Fintech and financial services. Presentation topic: Blockchain technology basics-concepts plus cryptocurrency sector review featuring investments trading.

Vladislav Sapozhnikov (CEO & Co-founder of Deex Exchange. A topic on why digital assets using Bitshare platforms have a future in ecosystems that are decentralized in Blockchain Tech.

Noam Copel CEO and investor at DAV Foundation presented on investments that are effective dwelling on token evaluation and classifications dating back from DAO foundation.

Cal Evans – covered legal aspects of Blockchain based projects.

Keith Lim – (Hearti insurance service-built on Blockchain and AI) – presented on the current status of crypto-markets and the industry in Blockchain.

The Blockchain and Bitcoin conference is a series of events planned for key stakeholders within the Cryptosphere. Every venue conducts an exhibit of products and services, while experts share views and presentations and as well lead very high levels of latest developments.

All interested parties all over the globe can access the press releases and presentations by following online channels for the conferences.

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