Together we will build the trust of tomorrow

I can’t relate how warm it is to answer what we do at TrustUnion. I am always kind to go with passion and determination on a fiery speech on the creation of the internet, the blockchain revolution, on the mutation of trust in the digital age, on the explosion of the sharing economy… Online Trust will change our behaviors in the real world in ways we cannot yet even imagine!

Hours later, figuratively speaking, staggering, happy, having the similar fullness as the end of a motorcycle race, hanging myself on the lips of my interlocutor to hear this liberating conclusion that I am already imagining:

– “Damn ! That’s great. I’ve understood the overall, you’re right, our world needs this unforgeable digital trust. It’s a new paradigm, I will be your most fervent defender”

But instead, I mostly have this answer:

– “But Mathias, what is the final point of TrustUnion ?”

So here I am, I finally decided to write a simple, clear and shortest possible presentation of what my team and I are doing at TrustUnion.

I take a sip of coffee and let’s go !

TrustUnion in canada

Hum, hum…

TRUST — It’s a word we use a lot, without always thinking about what it really means, and how it works in different contexts of our lives. There are, in fact, hundreds of definitions of trust. In the past, trust was mostly local and accountability-based or institutional. But that institutional trust wasn’t designed for the digital age. Trust against institutions, banks or governments is now collapsing.

The new upcoming challenge is how technology — and blockchain — will create new mechanisms that will enable us to really make people, companies and ideas trustworthy. And at the same time how technology will enable millions of people across the world to take a real trust leap.

Trust me, I'm from the internet

Our new protocol will allow to transform the real life trust into the first digital, unforgeable one through the blockchain. Our “Chain of Trust” is comparable to the small world phenomenon where everyone is linked together with very few people between them. Moreover TrustUnion will ensure the anonymity and the protection of personal data while guaranteeing trustworthiness.

TrustUnion is an inviolable, decentralized, tamper-proof cryptographic protocol, and open database, with easy-to-use interface, guaranteeing the integrity of real time and unlimited transactions through our innovative proof of weight system.

We are a meta-project with an advanced system of self-governance that opens a new era of trade of products and services. It solve a major problem for many industries and its possible applications are endless.

Trust me overlap I'm lying

Online trust will change our behaviors in the real world, make us more accountable in ways we cannot yet even imagine. Real digital trust will lead to countless changes and innovations.

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Together we will build the trust of tomorrow…

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