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Trust is completely free – and yet at the same time, it’s the thing for which you must work hardest. Trust is measured by how we behave towards each other. Trust is the most powerful tool in the world, but it is also the least exploited. TrustUnion is here to fix this!

Trust is all about new opportunities. When trust is present. The field of possibilities explodes and makes any business environment a healthy place to evolve.

Our aim at TrustUnion is to reduce the cost of building Trust on a global scale. We are constructing a system to replicate real-life trust in the digital world based on all the reliable qualities of blockchain.


Based on the small world phenomenon, TrustUnion has created the Chain of Trust: a fully featured protocol that covers all aspects of Trust in an unfakable way. The links formed with this technology are based on the real and rare, trustworthy connections you have made during your life. We replicate these connections in the digital world.

Through TrustUnion, your identity is no longer based on your personal data. Instead, your trustworthiness is the sum of your connections and your digital interactions.

You will be able to transport and use this trust.

Trust is the most valuable social element of our world; TrustUnion places trust back under your control, opening the door to a new world of trust-based relationships and opportunities.


  • Digital identity

    Based on privacy and frugality through GDPR compliance, your trustworthiness now forms your identity.

  • Trust Score

    A multi-platform, globalized rating system based on objective and subjective feedback supported by an artificial intelligence regulator.

  • Search engine

    TrustSeach increases global digital cooperation for unlimited uses. The goal of the search is to aggregate and verify information, creating reliable e-reputations and digital identities that allow users to have more trust online.

  • User friendly

    User-friendly technology based on common normalized online behavior.

of Trust

of Trust

TrustChain is a completely decentralized reputation network. No regulators, no bias, no lock-downs.

Users connect to a very limited number of people who they know and trust in the real world.

Interactions with different sharing economy providers, P2P and e-commerce transactions are recorded on the network.

A user’s reputation affects the reputation of the people he / she is connected with. This way all “bad boys” are naturally eliminated from the network with the true self-regulation.

You can easily transfer your TrustScore to the platform you haven’t used before and enjoy all the benefits highly rated users have there.

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Initial TrustUnion conception

Recruiting the first team

Auditing the project concept

Signing strategic cooperation agreements

Demonstrating intend – functional product

Visual mockup – intuitive designed product

Proof of concept – on a blockchain environment of the TrustChain technology

Attracting users


Testnet launch

Mainnet launch

TrustUnion protocol V2

Fully decentralized services and governance


Since 2016 Trustunion has focused on our energy and creativity. It is the culmination and concentration of all the expertise of our team that we have accumulated around the world is last 10 years. The philosophy that drives us every day to a new world of interactions, equitable, ethical, secure, to make humanity better.

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Mathias is a serial entrepreneur who has set up and run seven successful companies around the world. He has worked in the technology sector for more than 15 years. Mathias is a trust & innovation researcher, an ICOBench blogger and a member of the the AFGC. He also holds diplomas in Expert Technologists Blockchain and Blockchain Business Solutions, obtained in the United States in 2018.
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Mathias Valon

CEO, Founder


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    Raphael is a recognized Internet executive with over 17 years of experience, including key leadership experience in the financial and IT industry. He worked at Natixis Asia and is now the founder of ICO Consulting Asia. Raphael has the ability to drive changes and deliver across multicultural teams and countries. He is a true technology expert across multiple stacks: electronic trading protocol, trading infrastructure, web and mobile development, cloud infrastructure, and blockchain.
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  • advisor photo
    Entrepreneur Alexandre started out as a young business developer for several companies in London, before becoming responsible for business intelligence for large companies in London and Canada, making recommendations for mergers, acquisitions and strategy. Alexandre also built CleverToday, sold 2 years after its creation to a French company.
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  • advisor photo
    Brice specializes in complex software architecture, agile project management and DevOps. He is a respected expert who has been in the industry for more than 10 years and regularly shares his knowledge by speaking at conferences and meetups. He is also a certified trainer in various technical subjects.
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  • advisor photo
    After having gained extensive experience in management and government organizations as relations supervisor, Etienne is actively developing TrustUnion through new contacts, advisors and partnerships.
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    Technical Support

  • advisor photo
    Passionate, digital-savvy social media manager, content management and online marketer with a significant track record in delivering outstanding results. Over 5 years of experience in managing and building online communities and social media presence for various firms globally including AmaZix and MLG Blockchain. Several years within the blogging and also the audio production industry. Experienced cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur.
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    Social Media Manager

  • advisor photo
    With over 7 years of experience in various digital media productions, Yan is a true professional in his field. Having strong and in-depth knowledge of production techniques and equipment, Yan always brings a fresh and creative look to each project.
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    Audiovisual Producer


At TrustUnion, advisors are not viewed simply as «advertising tools». Instead, they are seen as experts, and as crucial team members who are highly involved with the team. They play a big role in the progression of our project.

  • advisor photo

    Stephanie is currently located in San Francisco, she is the Founding Partner of and benefits from over 20 years of multi-faceted experience as CEO in several lean startups and as former GM in leading global companies such as Pinterest and Etsy. Stephanie holds a Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering and is a renowned international speaker.

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    Go to Market Strategy

  • advisor photo

    Ralf is the CVVC Director and a Principal at Lakeside Partners and CV VC (Crypto Valley Venture Capital) in Zug, Switzerland. He is focusing on investment opportunities and advising in the blockchain space, but he is also involved in tokenizing assets, securities and ICO structuring. Prior to joining Lakeside Partners, Ralf built an artificial intelligence startup business in the USA. In the legacy world, Ralf spent 18 years in the automotive, aerospace, and specialty chemicals industries in senior management positions.

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    Financial Strategy

  • advisor photo

    Nicolas is a internationally recognized french mathematician and the writer of our official Yellow Paper (at this stage of the project, only available under NDA for VC investors or potential partners). He holds a PhD in cognitive science and master’s degrees in psychology and pure mathematics. He was also an elected member of the French Statistical Society and the Algorithmic Nature Group. Author of a dozen books about reasoning, critical thinking, psychology and statistics, Nicolas regularly attends and gives speeches to the annual European Mathematical Psychology Group Meeting.

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    Sciences and Mathematics

  • advisor photo

    Vincent has worked in many law firms and companies worldwide, and decided to specialize in blockchain and compliance. He is now building Belaws in Southeast Asia, a first-of-its-kind legal tech platform which is disrupting the international law firms’ models to increase value for both clients and lawyers.

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    Legal & Law Strategy

  • advisor photo

    Sr Account Executive for Bancor, Jonathan is a Committed, driven, and accomplished professional. He has a solid background in account management, sales, business development and customer service with a history of record breaking sales and account retention experience.

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    Business Development

  • advisor photo

    Former IT B2B journalist, Emilien has been writing and working on blockchain and decentralized technologies since 2014. He specialized in digital marketing in 2016 before becoming CMO of the french “ICO Boutique” Chaineum. He is currently CEO of Omniow, a fundraising consulting firm for blockchain projects.

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    Marketing Strategy

  • advisor photo

    Amelie is a marketing and communication professional specialized in Financial Technology and Payments. She is especially skilled in Business and Marketing strategy and B2B marketing communication. She participated to the Payments Race Travels from Hong Kong to Singapore, becoming the first woman to cross Asia solely using cryptocurrency.

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    Marketing Advisor

  • advisor photo
    We are looking for advisors who share our vision of a decentralized Trust ecosystem and that share our goal of changing the world. We expect the same enthusiasm and commitment from advisors that we expect from our team at TrustUnion. If you’re the perfect advisor to join our project, please contact us today!
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    An Advisor!


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