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TrustUnion aim to reduce the cost of Trust in a global scale. We bring the first symbiosis between real life trust into a digital one based on all the reliable qualities of blockchain.

“Trust, is all about new opportunities. With trust, the field of possible explode and make any business environment a healthy place to evolve.”

Our Vision

Trust, is all about new opportunities. With trust, the field of possible explode and make any business environment a healthy place to evolve. But when we think about it, this concept relies only on third party. At the moment, all tools used to bring trust between two peers are mostly based on the notoriety gained by an institution or services that earned this eligibility over time to be the judge of trust on their own environment.

The trust accountability became an expensive market of more than $29 trillion. Whether you are a seller of goods and services or a consumer, you have to spend time, money and give away your privacy to obtain a seemingly trustworthy profile.

Based on the small world phenomenon, we invented the Chain of Trust: a fully featured protocol that cover most of the aspect of Trust in an unfakable way. The links created with this technology are based on real trustworthy connections you made during your lifespan. You are incentivized to create those connections only with people who you really trust in the real life. Every aspect of the ecosystem aims to give you the sovereignty of your personal privacy while keeping a way to disclose your trustworthiness to others. Your identity is not your personal data anymore but only the actions involving trust you made. You will be able to transport this Trust across all kinds of services and start to build your personal Trust capital.

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Blockshow winner 2018 : TrustUnion
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A multi-platform and globalized rating system based on objective and subjective feedback supported by an artificial intelligence regulator.



Based on privacy and frugality through GDPR compliance, your identity is now your trustworthiness.



Instant, deferred, recurring, shared and escrow payment system.


Trusted Affiliated Marketplace

Cloud services using TrustUnion ecosystem relying on safety and trust.

user friendly


User friendly technology based on common normalized online existing behavior.

trust technology

Proof of weight

Mixing the well known Proof of Stake aside of an innovative Proof of Performance we ensure a highly secure and scalable network.

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TrustUnion team is currently working on all its documents.

Our white paper is coming soon, STAY TUNED.

TrustUnion Fundraising

TrustUnion fundraising is about to start soon. More information below :

TrustUnion ICO, Short ICO history
TrustUnion ICO Token model

Token distribution

Token sale

Funding breakdown

Upcoming Regulations

We have the legislation process and willingness to be the first 100% legal cryptocurrency, approved and supported by governments

After too many abuses, in 2018 and beyond, governments, finance and markets will force regulation of cryptocurrencies. Few will survive. Many exchanges will be regulated.
TrustUnion is now working closely with governments and lawyers to become the first real regulated ICO of history. We plan to be accredited by many authorities and markets. More information will come very soon.


We are deeply committed to listen our community, to learn from you, and make your point of view matter.


We anticipated the switch of paradigm since the genesis of our project and will be in a full compliance with regulators entity.

Trust Team

We are an invested and cohesive team aware of blockchain and its potential since many years.

TrustUnion Core Team

We are working on the project since 2016 and dedicate all our time to make the project grow. We have an extensive experience together for several years before the beginning of the TrustUnion project. We worked together across many ventures and have a very efficient teamwork allowing qualitative communication and quick understanding.

Mathias Valon

CEO, Co-Founder

Mathias is a serial entrepreneur, who has set up and run seven successful companies around the world. He has worked in the technology sector for more than 15 years. Mathias is a trust & innovation researcher, an ICOBench blogger, a member of the the AFGC and holds diplomas in Expert Technologists Blockchain and Blockchain Business Solutions, obtained in the United States in 2018.

Cyril Ternay

CTO, Co-Founder

Cyril holds a masters’ degree in Conception and Software Development, from AFIP school based in Lyon (France) and has more than 10 years’ experience in programming across multiple sectors including finance, robotics, security and blockchain.

Brice Argenson


Brice specializes in complex software architecture, agile project management and DevOps. He is a respected expert who has been in the industry for more than 10 years and regularly shares his knowledge by speaking at conferences and meetups. He is also a certified trainer in various technical subjects.

Alexandre Gonzalez


Entrepreneur, Alexandre started as a young business developer for several companies in London, before becoming responsible for business intelligence for large companies in London and Canada, making recommendations for mergers and acquisitions and strategy. Alexandre also built CleverToday, sold 2 years after its creation to a French company.

Ludovic Delay


A digital nomad who has fallen in love with the Blockchain and its possibilities. After a Marketing Master in Paris and an experience in online advertising agencies, Ludovic specialized in ecommerce. Now living in Southeast-Asia, Ludovic successfully helps businesses and brands thrive online through traffic building, SEO, leads conversion, ergonomics and web design.

Sting Boigeol

Social Media Manager

Sting have a technical degree in sales force obtained in France. His main experiences are in social management, marketing, market study and content development. He is involved in the Blockchain field for more than 3 years, has followed many formations in various subjects and was trained by a mentor during more than 2 years. Sting is part of the core team, manage all our social networks and many other different kind of tasks.

Etienne Colliaux

Technical Support

After an extensive experience in management and government organizations as relations supervisor, Etienne is actively developing TrustUnion through new contacts, advisors and partnerships.

Yan Frame

Audiovisual Producer

With over 7 years of experience in various digital media productions, Yan is a true professional in his field. While having strong and in depth knowledge of production techniques and equipment, Yan always brings a fresh and creative look to each project.

TrustUnion Advisors

At TrustUnion, advisors are not viewed simply as “advertising objects”. Instead, they are seen as experts, and as crucial team members that are highly involved with the team. They play a big role in the progression of our project.

advisor TrustUnion Ralf Kubli

Ralf Kubli

Financial Strategy

Ralf is the CVVC Director and a Principal at Lakeside Partners and CV VC (Crypto Valley Venture Capital) in Zug, Switzerland. He is focusing on investment opportunities, advisory in the Blockchain space and he is also involved in tokenizing assets, securities and ICO structuring. Prior to joining Lakeside Partners, Ralf built an artificial intelligence startup business in the USA. In the legacy world, Ralf spent 18 years in the automotive, aerospace, and specialty chemicals in senior management positions.

advisor TrustUnion Stephanie Tramicheck

Stephanie Tramicheck

Go to Market Strategy

Stephanie is currently located in San Francisco, she is the Founding Partner of Propulsive.io and benefit from over 20 years of multi-faced experience as CEO in several lean startups and as former GM in leading global companies such as Pinterest and Etsy. Stéphanie holds a Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering and is a renowned international speaker.

Advisor TrustUnion Nicolas Gauvrit

Nicolas Gauvrit

Sciences and Mathematics


Nicolas is a worldwide recognized french mathematician, writer of our official Yellow Paper (at this stage of the project, only available under NDA for VC investors or potential partners). He is holding a PhD in cognitive science and a master’s degree in psychology and in pure mathematics. He also was an elected member of the French Statistical Society and the Algorithmic Nature Group. Author of a dozen books about reasoning, critical thinking, psychology and statistics, Nicolas regularly attend and give speeches to the yearly European Mathematical Psychology Group Meeting.

Advisor TrustUnion Vincent Birot

Vincent Birot

Legal & law Strategy

Vincent worked in many law firms and companies, worldwide, and decided to specialize in Blockchain and compliance. He is now building Belaws in southeast-Asia, the first of its kind legal tech platform disrupting the international law firms models to increase value for both clients and lawyers.

Advisor TrustUnion Raphael Tant

Raphael Tant

Technical Strategy

Raphael is a recognized Internet executive with over 17 years of experience, including key leadership experience in the financial and IT industry. He worked at Natixis Asia and is now the founder of ICO Consulting Asia. Raphael has the ability to drive changes and deliver across multicultural teams and countries. He is a true technology expert across multiple stacks: electronic trading protocol, trading infrastructure, web and mobile development, cloud infrastructure, and blockchain.

Advisor TrustUnion Emilien Ercolani

Emilien Ercolani

Marketing Strategy

Former IT B2B journalist, Emilien has been writing and working on blockchain and decentralized technologies since 2014. He specialized in digital marketing since 2016 before becoming CMO of the french “ICO Boutique” Chaineum. He is currently CEO of Omniow, a fundraising consulting firm for blockchain projects.

Advisor TrustUnion Jean-Francois Verdon

Jean-Francois Verdon

Investment Expert

Jeff established a network of various companies operating in different industries. Co-owner a chain of restaurants, real estate management specialist, he also help with marketing and investment. Serial entrepreneur, Jeff is highly interested in new ambitious projects and blockchain upcoming revolutions.

Roadmap & Milestones

PHASE 1: Tully-Fisher

Q4 2016 Project Genesis, initial TrustUnion conception


Q2 2017 Private Capital investments
(Raise 1M Usd on 1M Usd Available)


Q3 2017 Recruitment phase 1


Q4 2017 Testing of the project conception by pairs in :

  • Blockshow Asia 2017 Singapore
  • Blockchain World Conference 2017 Bangkok - Thailand

Q1 2018 Testing of the project conception by pairs in :

  • Blockchain Cruise Asia 2018 Singapore
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018 (BCC-2018) in Texas - USA
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Bangkok 2018,Thailand.

Q2 2018 Testing of the project conception by pairs in :

  • WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018 Vienna - Austria
  • Leadership - The Swiss Way Zurich 2018 -Switzerland
  • Crypto valley labs Zug - Switzerland

PHASE 2: Hydra

Q2 2018 Signing of a mandate with the Langlois Group in Canada


Q2 2018 Signing European Charter of Safe Regulation with Icocharter.eu


Q2 2018 Signing Strategic Cooperation with Chaineum.com


Q2 2018 Foundation of the company
SmartPulsar Technology.Inc in Canada


Q3 2018 Signing Strategic Cooperation with Propulsive.io


Q3 2018 Signing Strategic Cooperation with Nicolas Gauvrit, mathematician in Cognitive Science


PHASE 3: Centaurus

Q4 2018 Publication of our first Light Pager


winner 2018Q4 2018 TrustUnion has won the startups competition organized by Blockshow Asia


Q4 2018 Attending Asia's Blockshow 2018 Startup Contest in Singapore


Q4 2018 First publication of the TrustUnion White Paper, Technological plan, Business plan, financial plan, Marketing Plan, dedicated to the angel investor.


We Are Here

PHASE 4: Virgo

Q1 2019 Foundation of the company SmartPulsar Technology.Inc in Singapore


Q1 2019 Angel Capital investments


Q1 2019 Recruitment phase 2


Q1 2019 Marketing phase 1


Q1 2019 Proof of Concept


Q1 2019 Final publication of the TrustUnion White Paper


Q1 2019 Accreditations


Q1 2019 Marketing phase 2


Q1 2019 Records Management

  • KYC will be done for everybody
  • AML for the biggest investors

Q1 2019 Pre-sale ICO

PHASE 5: Great Attractor

Q2-Q3 2019 Marketing Phase 3


Q3-Q4 2019 Public ICO

Q3-Q4 2019 Listing in the exchanges


Q3 2019 Recruitment phase 3

Q4 2019 Strategic partnership plan announcement


PHASE 6: Laniakea

Q4 2019 Network with TrustUnion Protocol support, v1.0 on Testnet

Q1 2020 Network with TrustUnion Protocol, v1.0 on Mainnet

PHASE 7: Shapley

Q2 2020 Beta test TrustUnion protocol V2 with Strategic partnership on Testnet

Q3 2020 Beta test TrustUnion protocol V2 with Strategic partnership on Mainnet

Q4 2020 TrustUnion Protocol is functional


PHASE 8: Hercules–Corona Borealis

Q4 2022 Fully decentralized services and governance

Our Partners


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TrustUnion good practices

TrustUnion signatory of the European Charter of Self-Regulation.

We need a global coordination process for bulk adoption blockchain technology and its ecosystem. By signing this European Charter and going further with verifiable commitments, we are clearly announcing our commitment to be the world leader in applying good practice for a more just society that is more in line with the aspirations of others. The Blockchain requires good people and good practices. We want to show Trust and Truth from beginning.