TrustUnion at CoinAdvice Asia, Thailand, 2019

Our team was present at the Blockchain event organized by CoinAdvice in early March in Thailand. Over 1500 people joined to meet the CEOs and founders of the world’s biggest companies, the most promising new startups on blockchain technology and influential investors. The video below features many interviews with speakers and exhibitors, presenting their vision for the TrustUnion project.


Giovanni Di Noto, CTO & Chairman at CloudyBoss:

“On the area of social accounting, having an element of measure such as trust is absolutely fundamental. You guys have done the job, I think it’s fantastic. Let’s face it, there is only 2 core value on earth : trust and time, you solved 50% of the global value representation on earth. The reason we really like TrustUnion is because you guys have really solved the issue of measure of trust so we want to work with you.”


Naeem Aslam, columnist at Forbes:

This is all about trust. What I really like is that right now, there is not that many projects in the industry which actually have tendency to change the world with the product that they have. They are robust because of what they have in terms of a product, in terms of the potential that they are doing, that is the most important thing. It’s the determination, consistency of this project that matter the most.”

Naeem Aslam, columnist at Forbes, and Mathias Valon, CEO at TrustUnion
Naeem Aslam, columnist at Forbes, and Mathias Valon, CEO at TrustUnion


Tiago Costa Alves, VP Asia Pacific at Aptoide:

“You guys have a solution that can actually help decide which developer is a good developer, trustable developer and which developer is not trustable, it would actually protect all the Android users from malware and viruses. From the AppCoins project, we actually have 200 millions users in our database, the security part is about creating a developer reputation system and I think TrustUnion has the solution for us.”


Sebastian Ionut Diaconu, CEO at MBAex:

Because we are talking about trust here, I think you guys in TrustUnion are trying to build something that is missing from blockchain. Trust is very important, if you want to have any interaction of any kind with someone, you need to have trust.
It’s really something that is missing, now, from blockchain industry. So in real life you build a certain trust level that can be your business card if you want. Digital Trust ID that you can use it to interact with everybody and that can add value to business or any kind of interaction that you are trying to do in blockchain where you have common ground on working together.


Arjun Sehgal, representing a private investment group:

“As we all know it’s really hard to find trust in this economy, in this world we live in. I represent a private investment group, I sincerely believe TrustUnion is a project that is good for the future, something we all need. Really rare to find a project like yours. Like TrustUnion in fact. I wish there were more project like this. I’ve personally met with the founders of this project and I heard the story on how they came up and tried to solve one after another problem. TrustUnion is a project that fixes problem A, focuses on problem B, fixes problem C, and focuses on problem D and tried to solve all of them. I believe it’s a really really good project and something that will disrupt the market in the future.”

TrustUnion CEO Mathias Valon and Cyril Ternay in Thailand 2019

Anne Somanas, Founder of Crypto Ladies:

“The reason I think a project like TrustUnion is important is that it’s translating Trust into the digital realm. When you start to telling me about TrustUnion what came to mind was that I think that trust is a really under-discussed aspect of, for example AR, VR, AI and machine learning, neural network. How we gonna bring trust and translate it into the tech space creating a transfert of value that’s legitimate. TrustUnion is using technology to build trust back into the world and making something that was previously abstract, the construct of trust between who know each-other, people in social circle, something abstract and making it concrete and something tangible in a digital sense. And the reason I think this is so important is that it’s creating a balance.”


Varun Vasista Kusuma, Founder of Krivash Technologies:

“We need lot of trust between the users, you guys are solving one of the biggest problem, facing lot of talents, this is one of the good project I’m looking in. TrustUnion is one of the very useful project. TrustUnion is something that should be there in the market. Nowadays everything is online and in internet there are many lack untrustfull sources but TrustUnion is the one which can solve this problem all over the world.”


Mohd Shoaib Ahmed, CEO of Digital Notice Media Labs:

“These really create an amazing tool, because when you want to trust someone on the Internet, there is no tool present and you don’t have to build trust again and again on different parts, it’s just at one single point. So my new vision of trust is TrustUnion.


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