Trust needs meaning

Trust… what an easy word ! Well known, this single syllabic word hide in fact a surprising definition and philosophy. Ask its definition to any of your friends and you will be amazed to get as many meaning as the number of times you asked. One will describe the trust against his doctor, another will outsmart you describing the trust as getting the expected results from a previous request made, when for some, trust is the ability to keep a secret. Neither of them are not completely wrong, nor right.

I am the kind of guy that usually take more or less five minutes to fall asleep, but on the last 24th of October, the full moon didn’t let me fall in the Morpheus’ arms, instead, I was struggling on the idea about how to give a meaning about our vision. How to make people comfortable with our project and give them the right outlook. After an hour or two, lying with my eyes wide open, without thinking twice, I decided to wake up and write this article.

The trust is everywhere. You always experience it in your everyday life. Without, you couldn’t just get out of your bed by fear that random things could happen. Take the elevator or talk to a stranger would become an impossible task. Your life would only be led by anxiety.

Now let’s use your imagination for a moment and place yourself on the border of a cliff that end a wide plain. You feel the heights, this void that call your instinct and make you stand a few step behind by fear that the ground could collapse under your feets. A few meters before your eyes, stand a new land. You’ve never been there. You see in this uncharted territory a new way to challenge yourself, to explore new opportunities. It’s calling you like the irresistible song of a mermaid. This green and appealing landscape is the goals you have, what you aim for.

landscape cliff
The trust, is the bridge that you will build between these two lands. It will give you the ability to cross the current void and take the leap of faith that is needed.

Together, let’s dig the details of this bridge.

First at all, you will need some raw material. This material is everything you know about trust, your moral values and the definition you give to the trust itself. To assemble this material together, you will need specific tools. They are all the existing solution that help you to build trust. It goes from the simplest handshake to the use of contract, any reputation mechanics or even relying on this natural ability to trust institution. Last but not least, come the architecture, the design. This will be represented by your experience or your different strategies you planned to build this bridge of trust. Depending on the chosen architecture and the size of the trust you have to build, will depend the efficiency to build it. Because of this, some people even start to cross the bridge before the end of the construction. And what a frustration to be near your goal with an unfinished bridge.

From all the above parameters will depend the final speed to cross the bridge. The less trust in your construction, the longer will be your journey onto this shaky build.

construction bridge old school

Because of the challenge of building trust bridge, spending a lot of money and time doesn’t mean you will have the strong trust that you aimed for. If you lack one of any ingredient needed, you could end up with the complete waste of the resources you poured into your project. Needless to say that building trust bridge in a business environment is a whole job apart. It’s very hard to improvised yourself into a bridge of trust engineer. Finally many of you will end up with an insecure and wobbly installation made of wood planks and a bunch of nails.

And this is exactly to answer this very specific purpose that TrustUnion was born.

TrustUnion is here to bring the right materials, the right tools and the right architectures required to build in the most efficient way, the bridge of trust that you need.

TrustUnion is made to offer a new costless decentralized environment using the last blockchain technologies.

TrustUnion is the power of the community that work to the conception of the most ultimate bridges.

Come the day when you reach your first goal by crossing a TrustUnion bridge of trust. You turn back and see how finally your goal was so close to you. With that kind of bridge quality, you start to think that you could cross longer distance without a doubt. At this very moment, you realize how big the magnitude of the upheaval that will follow. This is it, you understood the power of TrustUnion : the one to be able to reach farther goals, with a greater confidence and completely costless.

Then you grab your binoculars, you look around, your next goal is set. You roll up your sleeves and start to build your version of the TrustUnion Bridge leading to your new goal. And its name… will depend on YOU.

infinity trustunion bridge

Note from the author Cyril TERNAY (CTO) : I hope you enjoyed this lecture as much as I did to write it. As you may know, but I am usually more keen to write on the technical side but this time make exception and I am glad to share with you this vision.

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