TrustUnion at Blockchain Cruise Asia, Singapore, 2018

The week of January 15, 2018, many top representatives of the world crypto community, including TrustUnion, have been absent from their offices. More than 600 industry professionals, recognized thought leaders, and blockchain enthusiasts from 35 different countries attended one of the major industry events of the year – The Blockchain Cruise Asia, organized by CoinsBank.

The Blockchain Cruise departed from Singapore, then made a stop at Malaysia before heading to Thailand. The event definitely attracted a mix of different talent from all sorts of industries, as well as blockchain enthusiasts from around the globe.

The cruise hosted influential government officials and global investors; as well as world famous business leaders and plenty of Crypto experts. It united more than 50 of the industry’s top influencers and provided huge networking opportunities.

The blockchain cruise arrived in Thailand on the Wednesday, pulling into the luxury private beach in Phuket, ready for a day of sun, sand and crypto talks. The drinks were flowing nicely along with discussions. CryptoFriends, Eric Benz moderated the day; he maintained high energy and provided an awesome atmosphere.

The day included interesting talks from a range of different expertise, allowing the guests to see the picture from multiple angles.

The anti-virus-software veteran turned Bitcoin miner, John McAfee, gave a talk on Bitcoin; as well as upcoming cryptocurrencies and their influence on businesses.

TrustUnion meeting john mcafee

Co-host of Bad Crypto podcast, Travis Wright got guests laughing as he offered step-by-step instructions to expose crypto wallet hackers.

Recognised speaker, Ronnie Moas who’s famous for his accurate predictions of Bitcoin prices, stated that:

“in less than seven years, Bitcoin could hit a whopping $300,000.”

Kaspar Korjus and Travis Roivas, who are government representatives from Estonia, spoke about their insights on launching a national cryptocurrency.

There was a great opportunity for those interested in crypto trading at the event. Tone Vays provided great workshops, explaining all of the basic tools and techniques used for trading digital assets.

On the 18th, blockchain cruise Asia held a full day of conferences on the journey back to Singapore.

Frequent speaker, Susan Poole from Blockchain advisory, took charge for the day of blockchain discussions on board the ship.

Cyber Studio’s Lena Kuznetsova and Oaxana Kunets, held a popular conference section on the ship. It was dedicated to tokensale and blockchain investing; diving deeply into the tokensale phenomenon that captured everyone’s attention.

A fundraising campaign for starving kids and homeless people was held throughout the event, by Ronnie Moas and Marco Robinson.

TrustUnion had an amazing experience at the event. The mix of backgrounds among the speakers was great, allowing guests to see things from different perspectives. The networking was brilliant too.

Throughout the event, the TrustUnion team Mathias VALON (CEO) and Cyril TERNAY (CIO) were able to talk blockchain personally with investor Thierry Francois, as well as with Ronnie Moas, John McAfee and Silkroad’s Andrew. J. Flipowski; allowing a great opportunity to chat about TrustUnion project.

Seeing the blockchain enthusiasm at the event makes TrustUnion’s project feel even more exciting. With plans to revolutionize the global marketplace and retail industry, with the peer-to-peer, trustless and decentralized platform. We’re looking forward to TrustUnion taking blockchain to the next level.

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