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    5 January 2020

    The Transitive Trust Network: How Trust Search Quantifies Interpersonal Trust

    The concept of “six degrees of separation” is the idea that all people are connected by a maximum of six social connections. In this article, we explain you how TrustSearch use this concept to revolutionize Trust on our sharing economy world.

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    22 December 2019

    TrustSearch: Could Major Search Engines Do it Better?

    It’s no secret that major tech industry players often subsume or outright clone popular or promising features or apps from innovators. Facebook, for example, has made several multi-billion dollar advances on popular social media app Snapchat, with Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel declining offers of up to $3 billion from Facebook since 2013. Undeterred, Facebook subsequently […]

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    7 December 2019

    TrustSearch by TrustUnion

    Trust is the most powerful global tool Trust is completely free — and yet at the same time, it’s the thing for which you must work the hardest. Once you have it, it’s the most priceless thing you’ll ever own. Trust is measured by how we behave toward each other. Trust is the most powerful […]

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    11 April 2019

    How to keep people in jail with their consent?

    “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. Andy Warhol’s prophecy took shape with the advent of the Internet. But, do we really own our private lives if we consent to share chunks of it on social media?

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    1 April 2019

    TrustUnion at CoinAdvice Asia, Thailand, 2019

    Our team was present at the Blockchain event organized by CoinAdvice in early March in Thailand. The video below features many interviews with speakers and exhibitors, presenting their vision for the TrustUnion project.

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    20 February 2019

    Trust Economy – The 21st century main market

    The foundation of commerce is trust. Without a secure, accurate method of assessing the trustworthiness of participants in any economic system, a plethora of factors such as buyer and seller reliability and counterpart risk issues make trade virtually impossible

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    8 January 2019

    Cost of trust in economic relationships

    How much does establishing trust cost? This article will cover the subject from a scientific standpoint. Even high heels will be under our loop.

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    20 December 2018

    Chinese Social Credit or Black Mirror Nosedive episode ?

    Black Mirror's Nosedive episode or the controversial new Chinese Social Credit system ? Which one can be compared to the TrustUnion ecosystem ? I let you discover the answer.

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    20 December 2018

    On Decentralized Governance & Computational Trust

    Decentralized Governance seems far-fetched, theoretical, and is wildly misunderstood. This article breaks it down to details in an easy fashion. One that brings Blockchain to the table.

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    15 December 2018

    A Journey With TrustUnion: Real-World Use Cases

    The sharing economy has transformed the way individuals interact with one another and is growing rapidly. In order to understand how TrustUnion works in a practical sense, let’s take a look at a day in the life of a sharing economy user.

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    28 November 2018

    4 days Live from the BlockShow Asia 2018!

    100+ speakers, 3000+ attendees, 200+ journalists, 50+ countries, Blockshow Asia 2018 overview.

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    14 November 2018

    Blockshow Asia: TrustUnion, voted best start-up !

    It took many days (and nights) of hard work and a good dose of enthusiasm and courage to win the startups competition organized by Blockshow Asia 2018, the most popular blockchain conference in Singapore and in the area. We are on the right path for a promising year in 2019!

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    30 October 2018

    Trust needs meaning

    The CTO of TrustUnion share his insight of trust, its philosophy underlying the vision of the company and provide a metaphor to understand their project

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    23 October 2018

    Together we will build the trust of tomorrow

    Online trust will change our behaviors in the real world, make us more accountable in ways we cannot yet even imagine. Real digital trust will lead to countless changes and innovations.

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    17 October 2018

    While waiting for Blockchain’s Large Scale Applications

    Blockchain is a decade old and a large-scale app is yet to make surface. Are we being impatient with it? Find out more about the math, trends and scenarios of Blockchain adoption.